About Us

Varna’s Exclusive Guest House

The Moonlight House is a picturesque guest house in the St. Nikolas area of Varna.  This charming guest house showcases all of the beauty of the Black Sea Coast in a tranquil retreat overlooking panoramic views of the Varna Bay and Black Sea.

The Moonlight House is just 4 km from the center of Varna and 1 km away from the local beaches.  It is the perfect destination for a relaxing retreat or romantic getaway.

The Moonlight House combines personal service and upscale amenities to enable guests to enjoy the privacy of home with the indulgence of a first class botique hotel.  Take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool or relax with a bottle of wine on a guest room terrace.

Enjoy a luxurious Black Sea coast experience at the Moonlight House

We serve experience, tranquility and romance that will never forget …
When entering in the reception of The Moonlight House, the guests feel the pleasant atmosphere and the warmth of the staff.  Special attention devoted even the most minor details are a guarantee for your pleasant and fruitful stay. Elegant luxury, style and comfort, complementing the sense of place, which is nice to stay.

You can enjoy the view over the vast maritime expanse. We are prepared for many guests and services to make you feel completely satisfied with your choice of holiday.

Excellent service, luxury accommodation, personal attention, we make daily care to improve the quality of our services can constantly surpass your expectations and bring you happiness.

You will enjoy the fantastic sunsets and sunrise and after sunset the path of the moon light on the sea!